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Young Amelia Pond

With a rich flavor and a clean finish, this gingery mocktail will make waiting for your “imaginary” friend all the more bearable.


6 oz. Ginger Ale
3 oz. Black Cherry Juice
¾ oz. Grenadine

Add all ingredients to a glass filled with ice, stir, and serve.

Young Amelia Pond is a fearless redheaded Scot portrayed by Caitlin Blackwood. Seven years old, she is first visited by The Doctor immediately following his regeneration from his 10th to his 11th incarnation after the TARDIS crash lands in her backyard. When he leaves to investigate an alert from the TARDIS, she puts on a hat and mittens, packs a bag, and waits for his return–a bit longer than anticipated.

Young Amelia Pond only encounters the eleventh incarnation of The Doctor, and doesn’t travel with him until she’s grown into a 19-year-old on the verge of being married.

(Image of Caitlin Blackwood courtesy of the BBC, pattern for the mittens available here)