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The Ginger Scotch

The grown-up version of our Young Amelia Pond mocktail, this hearty cocktail walks the line between savory and sweet, is both exotic and familiar, and  seems at all times to be both a simple drink and a complex cocktail.


4 oz. Ginger Beer*
3 oz. Scotch*
1 oz. Black Cherry Juice
½ oz. Grenadine*
2-3 dashes Angostura bitters

Fill a collins glass with ice, add all ingredients, stir, and garnish with a cherry.

*Because our cocktails are geared towards an affordable budget, this cocktail was created using Bundaburg Ginger Beer and Dewar’s White Label (blended Scotch). Different scotches will give different flavor profiles, as will various brands of ginger beer. If you prefer cheaper, more readily available ingredients, this drink can be made with ginger ale (Canada Dry or other) and Rose’s grenadine, although a higher quality grenadine (Small Hand Foods or similar), scotch (eg. single malt scotch), and ginger beer will give the drink a more refined palate. We encourage you to experiment until you find the combination that works best for your tastes, although we DON’T recommend using your expensive scotch in this drink – as James Bond said, that’d be a waste of good scotch.

Amy Pond is a feisty red-headed Scot played by Karen Gillan. A companion of the Eleventh Doctor, she first meets him as a seven-year-old when he crashes the TARDIS in her backyard. She asks to travel with him and he promises her that he’d return in 5 minutes. Twelve years later, he finally returns, but young Amelia now goes by Amy and is engaged to be married after a childhood of convincing herself that The Doctor wasn’t real. Once again she decides to travel with him, and throughout her many travels she gets married and has a daughter, although, well, it’s not quite as simple as all that. She finally leaves the TARDIS to live a normal life with her husband Rory in New York City. She traveled with Doctor from 2010-2012, until her departure midway through Series 7.