The Upgrade

This upgraded mojito has just the electric shock you were looking for. Cool and refreshing, if you’re not careful, it just might delete you.


4 to 5 mint sprigs

¾ oz Rose’s Lime

½ oz agave nectar

1 oz silver tequila

4 oz club soda

1 oz blue curacao

Add mint, Rose’s Lime, and agave nectar to a glass. Muddle profusely. Add remaining ingredients. Fill mixer ¾ full with ice. Pour liquids into Boston shaker (DO NOT SHAKE), pour shaker contents into collins glass (including ice). Serve with mint sprig and/or lime garnish.

The Cybermen are a cyborg race from Earth’s twin planet Mondas. One of The Doctor’s oldest enemies, they used to be wholly organic humanoids, but over time they replaced pieces of themselves with robotic hardware as a survival technique. Eventually the Cybermen became almost entirely robotic, and completely emotionless. As a result, they find themselves a superior life form, believing that all other humanoids need to be either “Upgraded” or “Deleted.”

The Cybermen were created in 1966 by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis, first appearing in the partially-missing final Hartnell serial The Tenth Planet. Since then, they have been a staple of Doctor Who lore, appearing on TV against every Doctor except for the Third, Eighth, and Ninth incarnations.


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