Who doesn’t love Doctor Who and drinking?  This blog is to help YOU get your wibbly wobbly on in style with some creative cocktail ideas!  We’re in no way affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by any branch of the BBC–the blog is just a creation by and for fans to tipsily bask in the glory of Doctor Who.

READ MORE at our “What is this Doctor Who Cocktails thing?” post!


Who we are:


Alex Murphy, aka The Ginger Doctor, is certified in bartending and has an encyclopedic knowledge of Doctor Who. Primarily an actor/director of the the-a-tre, he has also been known to spend money he definitely doesn’t have creating incredibly detailed cosplays (including the 10th and 4th Doctors) and wearing them to conventions throughout California (and hopefully soon, the world!). He spends most of his free time knitting and arguing about minuscule details related to the construction of Doctor Who scarves, and can usually be spotted with a drink in his hand.


Nicole Beckerman is a woman of so many hats we don’t know where to begin!  An MBA with a serious traveling bent, she owns her own clothing line: Leaf & Crown.  This should take up plenty of her time, but yet somehow Nicole has ended up working as a marketing consultant as well.  In her free time she writes prose and poetry, sews her own clothes, models for fun, and drinks cocktails if someone else makes them.



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