Dr. Grace Holloway

This bright, clean drink begins as a plain champagne, and gradually evolves into a crisp cocktail with a refreshing finish.


½ oz. Hpnotiq

Fill bottom of champagne flute with Hpnotiq. Using a spoon, very carefully layer the champagne of your choice on top of the Hpnotiq and serve.

Dr. Grace Holloway is the senior cardiologist at a San Francisco hospital and portrayed by Daphne Ashbrook. She first encounters the seventh incarnation of The Doctor when she is asked to perform an emergency operation on him after he is shot by gangsters. Upset that she loses him, she is slow to believe him when his eighth incarnation tries to convince her that he is alive, and an alien with two hearts. After an adventure that includes being possessed by The Master, dying, and being revived by the TARDIS, The Doctor offers to take her along through space and time, which she declines. Dr. Holloway is a warm, compassionate person who has always wanted to hold back death, and finds new faith in herself through her time with The Doctor.

Dr. Grace Holloway appears only in the 1996 TV Movie, where she spends most of her time with the eighth incarnation of The Doctor. She holds the distinguishment of being the first companion to kiss The Doctor.