The 8th Doctor

This smooth concoction is a hearty and quirky cocktail, perfect to bring out at parties or for unwinding after a long day.


1½ oz. Whiskey
1½ oz. Spiced Rum
3 oz. Sweet and Sour
¾ oz. Blue Curacao
¾ oz. Lime Juice
1-2 dashes Orange Bitters

 Add all ingredients to a mixer filled with ice, shake well, serve up or on the rocks in an old-fashioned glass or Collins glass, respectively. Garnish with a lime wheel and a lime/orange twist.

The eighth incarnation of The Doctor was portrayed by Paul McGann. Suave and eccentric, yet prone to bouts of amnesia, the eighth incarnation of The Doctor is a passionate adventurer and the first Doctor to have romantic relations with his companions. His first appearance on the show was in the 1996 TV Movie, which was intended as a backdoor-pilot to revive the series from ongoing hiatus since 1989. The movie was unsuccessful, therefore when the show was finally revived in 2005 The Doctor had already regenerated into his ninth incarnation, and until 2013 this was the only television appearance of the 8th Doctor. In 2013, the eighth incarnation of The Doctor reappeared onscreen in the mini-sode “The Night of the Doctor,” when he reappears as a weary pacifist, worn down by the effects of the Time War, despite his refusal to participate. It is there revealed that the incarnation portrayed by Christopher Eccleston is not the true ninth incarnation, and between those bodies he did finally fight as a soldier in the Time War.

Despite his lack of television appearances, the 8th Doctor’s adventures are heavily documented in BBC Books’ novels and Big Finish Productions’ audio dramas, as well as other spin-off material. Although the canonicity of the spin-off material is debated, his salute to former companions in “The Night of the Doctor” suggests that the Big Finish audio dramas are considered the “canon” stories. As such, his “official” companions are Dr. Grace Holloway (TV Movie), Charley Pollard, C’rizz, Lucie Miller, Tamsin Drew, and Molly O’Sullivan (all Big Finish Productions).

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