River Song

This new twist on an old idea is just what Dr. Song ordered – its rich floral bouquet heralds an incredible depth of flavor with the fun flair of a devilish bite.


2 oz. Gin

1 oz. St. Germain liqueur

½ oz. Lime Juice*

Add all ingredients to a mixer filled with ice, shake well, serve up or on the rocks with a lime wheel garnish.

*Optional: Squeeze a fresh lime instead of adding lime juice.

River Song is the chosen name of an archaeologist and Demi-Time Lady portrayed by Alex Kingston. A time traveler herself, The Doctor first encounters River on the day of her death, where he uploads her consciousness to a computer database, so she can continue to “live”. After his regeneration from his 10th incarnation to his 11th, they encounter each other far more often, though not in order.  They both keep journals in which they document their adventures together, so that whenever they meet they can determine where they are in their timeline and avoid “spoiling” the future. River’s origin remains a mystery from the Doctor for a long time. Very much a “female Indiana Jones,” as Kingston herself once described Dr. Song (and later, Prof. Song), River is a hands-on woman of action, an expert markswoman who loves her guns. Sassy, sexy, and as stubborn as she is passionate, River Song is truly, as The Doctor describes, “Hell in high heels.”