Hi Whovians!  Sadly we are not going to be getting a drink up this week (we’re a little shaky on how long those are at the best of times) as mixologist Alex is at Gallifrey One this weekend celebrating his love of Doctor Who.  We’ll have more cocktaily goodness for you next week, but in the mean time I’ll be working to get a full list up of the cocktails we’ve already covered and what might be to come.  We’ll need your input to round out the list so stay tuned!

In the mean time, we hope you’re celebrating your love of Doctor Who today or at the very least celebrating with someone you love.  That sounds worthwhile as well.

If you’re at Gallifrey One, say a big hello to Alex for me if you see him!  He’s sporting some new-and-improved cosplays for you to marvel at. You can also follow his tweets on our Twitter: @DWCocktails

See you next week!

Be sure to ask him for a Jelly Baby too!

Be sure to ask him for a Jelly Baby too!