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The Master

Smooth, pleasant, with a dash of darkness, this cocktail recalls the glory days of The Master during his first regeneration cycle; You aren’t sure if it’s your friend or your enemy, but you keep indulging anyway.


1 oz. Dark Rum

1 oz. Crème de Cacao

1-2 dashes Angostura Bitters

4 oz. Coca-Cola

The Master is The Doctor’s archenemy, a renegade Time Lord bent on becoming “the master of all matter.” A master of disguise and deceit, he is a persistent foe of The Doctor’s, always managing to escape and return with a new plan. He first appears in the series at the end of his regeneration cycle, scheming and elegantly evil. He is eventually forced to appear as a emaciated husk while he attempts to renew his regeneration cycle at the end of his final regeneration. He does manage to succeed in taking over the mind of a Trakenite named Tremas, whose body he wears until he is put on trial and executed by the Daleks (yes, even the Daleks found his crimes to be too evil). The Doctor is then charged with the transport of The Master’s remains from Skaro to Gallifrey, wherein The Master manages to maintain sentience in the form of an ooze (presumably his remains), which crashes the TARDIS. He manages to steal yet another body which is eventually sucked into the Eye of Harmony. Years later, unbeknownst to The Doctor, the Time Lords resurrected The Master in order to make him the ultimate soldier in the Time War, from which he fled and disguised himself as a human on Earth. After finally opening the fob watch which restores his Time Lord DNA, he once again is able to roam the universe in his quest to rule, now a rather deranged man willing to stop at nothing to get his way.

The Master was written for and originally portrayed by Roger Delgado, who debuted the role in 1971 and played it until his unexpected death in 1973 (prompting the departure of Jon Pertwee’s 3rd Doctor, as they were old friends and Pertwee was devastated). Under heavy make-up, the Master was portrayed in “husk” form by both Peter Pratt  (1976) and Geoffrey Beavers (1981),  and as a mind-controlled Trakenite by Anthony Ainley, who played it until the eventually hiatus of the original series in 1989. As the possessed paramedic, Eric Roberts portrays The Master in the TV Film (1996), and in the revived series, The Master is reintroduced in human form by Derek Jacobi (2007) before John Simm took over the reigns for the rest of his New Who appearances (2007-2010).