Happy Holidays, Whovians!

Nicole here with a solo update for you!  We hope you’ve been enjoying getting a bit wibbly-wobbly with some of our cocktail recipes, and that you participated in our Scarf Giveaway.  I hear a rumor we might make that one annual!  Alex is hard at work on some new cocktails, but in the mean time we thought we’d help get your kitchen ready for some New Years fun!  Now, tracking down Doctor Who themed bartending supplies is nigh impossible–sorry all you folks who have found our site by searching the key words ‘TARDIS Cocktail Shaker’–nevertheless we’ve put together a short list of items to make your home prepared for an invasion of…er…party guests.  Or the 18th century French royal court?  Ten said they knew how to party.

1.   A Bartending Kit

First things first: You need the proper tools to muddle, slice, shake, strain, and so on.  Your little meat sticks you call fingers are not sufficient.  Apparently when you do a bar tending certification they include a basic kit, (Alex: Actually, I had to purchase mine. Nicole: DETAILS!) but for the rest of us Amazon is an easy source for small bartending kits with the basics.  These two are reasonably priced and include nearly everything you need providing you already have a decently equipped kitchen:


24-Piece Kit by Bottles-Up ($49.95)


10-Piece Shaker and Bar Tool Set by Oggi ($32.99)

2.   Ice Cube Tray

Ok just heads up that from here on out, ThinkGeek.com has this list on lock.  I’m not bothered, they’re having a big holiday sale right now!  Now then, nothing says, “This is a Doctor Who Cocktail, JUST SO YOU ARE AWARE” like a translucent TARDIS bobbing in your high ball glass.  You can even have Dalek ice cubes to stalk it!  Although we’re not sure an inter species war in your cup would enhance the flavor of our recipes. Nevertheless, your drink will be nice and chilly. Bonus points–the silicone mold can be used to make chocolates or candies!


Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray @ ThinkGeek.com ($9.09 on sale)


3.  Coasters

When your beloved guests/18th century French Court descends upon your humble abode, the last thing you want them leaving behind is water marks on your table!  (Alex: Really? I could think of like, at least a dozen worse things to get left behind)  Ahem, well anyway.  Get some Doctor Who Coasters, you animal. You’re not in college any more for crying out loud.  Or if you are, get a not-horribly-rich-but-comfortable-and-generous uncle.


Doctor Who TARDIS Coasters @ ThinkGeek.com ($9.99)


Doctor Who 12 Doctor Coaster Set @ ThinkGeek.com ($29.99)

4.  Glassware

While the designer in me considers nothing quite so elegant as a silk evening gown, fresh snow, or a simple martini glass, I’d be remiss if I didn’t take every measure to make sure your drink advertises to everyone around you that it is a DOCTOR WHO COCKTAIL.  Or can at least pretend as such.  Therefore, this glass should see you through everything from our ‘Nitro-9‘ bomb to a humble brewsky.  It is color-changing, which is neat, but I’m sure you have to provide your own sound effects.


Doctor Who Disappearing TARDIS Pint Glasses @ ThinkGeek.com ($19.99)

5.  “Incognito” Beverage Delivery System

While I would never condone taking an alcoholic beverage anywhere you shouldn’t, sometimes you want a not-so-breakable, insulated, incognito beverage holder. That’s all I’m saying.  Don’t read into the fact that I live in the den of all that is publicly boozy: San Francisco.  (Alex: Is it though?  I dunno–commenters?) I mean heck this thing is pretty sweet, you could use it for your every day coffee habit too.


Doctor Who 16oz Travel Mug @ ThinkGeek.com ($11.99)

There you are! Five fun ways to get your kitchen ready for your own holiday cheer!  If your holiday cheer involves Doctor Who and fun cocktails. I’m just going to go ahead and assume that’s the case.


PS–We have a Christmas Special video of our own coming out next week!  Are you following us on Youtube yet?