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Medical Mojo

This cocktail mirrors the strong, rich personality of Martha, as well as being a boozy twist on the kind of thing she probably kickstarts her day with.  Every doctor could use some caffeine to get their mojo flowing!


1 oz Dark Rum

1 oz Frangelico

½ oz Kahlua

4 oz coffee

Pour alcohols into the brew of your choice and stir, garnish with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and ground nutmeg.

Optional: Pre-freeze coffee ice cubes and serve cold.

Martha Jones is portrayed by Freema Agyeman (pronounced: A’-jea-min). A medical student, she first encounters The Doctor when an alien race known as the Judoon invade the hospital where she works and teleport it to the moon. After the incident is resolved, The Doctor offers to take her on his travels, and she accepts. She quickly develops romantic feelings for him, which remain unrequited throughout her travels with him, as he is still mourning the recent loss of Rose Tyler’s companionship. Finally, Martha decides to take control of her future and leaves the TARDIS of her own accord, but promises to see him again. On her own, she becomes a Medical Specialist for UNIT and is briefly employed at Torchwood, eventually marrying Mickey Smith, Rose Tyler’s old boyfriend. Intelligent, capable, determined, Martha is a force to be reckoned with. She traveled with the 10th incarnation of The Doctor for one season, in 2007, with cameos later in the series as well as appearing on the spinoff Torchwood.