2 oz Hpnotiq

1 oz crème de violette

¾ oz vodka

½ oz blue curaçao

Mix all ingredients in a shaker, shake and strain into chilled stemmed cocktail glass, garnish with an orange wheel cut hexagonally* and edible gold stars.**

*The trick with the orange hexagons is to cut the slice thick and keep pith on the edges – without the pith, the orange will be too flimsy and will fall apart.

**Edible gold stars can be purchased in the baking section of any craft store, eg. JoAnn’s or Michael’s. The ones used in the above photograph are made by Wilton, but if you can locate another brand, they should work the same and may even be cheaper.

The TARDIS is a time-and-space-travel vehicle created by the Time Lords. T.A.R.D.I.S. is actually an acronym created by Susan Foreman from the initials of the type of machine – Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. It is dimensionally transcendental, meaning that the inside and the outside of the TARDIS exist in different dimensions, allowing the inside of the TARDIS to be bigger than the outside (as The Doctor’s companions note frequently enough for drinking-game purposes). Semi-sentient, TARDISes are grown, not built, and are equipped with a variety of mysterious technology, including a cloaking device called the “Chameleon Circuit,” which camouflages the outside appearance.

The Doctor rides around in a TT Type 40, Mark 1 TARDIS, considered long-obsolete by the Time Lords, which he stole when he ran away. While parked in a junkyard in 1963, The Doctor’s chameleon circuit broke while disguising the TARDIS as a blue police box, freezing the exterior of the TARDIS in that state permanently. The 6th incarnation of The Doctor briefly attempts to fix his TARDIS’s chameleon circuit, but after conspicuously changing into a pipe organ and a Welsh dresser, The Doctor reverts it back to its old police box shape, which he later remarks that he has grown fond of. The console room of the TARDIS changes in decor every so often at The Doctor’s whimsy. The interior is vast and sprawling – the 11th incarnation refers to it as “infinite.” It notably includes a console room, wardrobe, swimming pool, bedrooms, and the Eye of Harmony, as well as many levels of maintenance decks. The TARDIS has been The Doctor’s main method of travel since the very first episode, and remains such to this day.