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Ginger Mimosa

This drink, while being gingery and effervescent like Donna, is what we imagine she would drink 50 of at a bar with The Doctor while on holiday.


Half Champagne

Half Ginger Beer (We like Reed’s Original)

Heavy splash Sweet and Sour

Splash Agave Nectar

Add all ingredients into a champagne flute, garnish with fresh ginger.

Donna Noble was a sassy companion portrayed by Catherine Tate. A temp worker from Chiswick, Donna first meets the tenth incarnation of The Doctor on her wedding day, where her husband-to-be is revealed to be a pawn for the Empress of the Racnoss. After The Doctor saves the day, Dona decides that she is not ready for travel with him and leaves, but is later reunited while investigating Adipose Industries. The Doctor offers once again, and Donna agrees to go with him.

Donna is a fiery red-head with a resourceful nature who is often mistaken for The Doctor’s wife, despite being one of his first companions without a romantic storyline. Though gregarious and feisty, she uses her tough exterior to hide internal feelings of unimportance and inadequacy. She traveled with the tenth incarnation of The Doctor for one season in 2008 before her memories needed to be wiped in order to save her life – she then married a man who loves her and The Doctor anonymously sent her a winning lottery ticket to ensure a stable financial future.