The Captain Jack

This cocktail marries the raw, adult energy that Capt. Jack exudes, as well as maintaining the seductive edge that makes clothing fall off even faster than having 4 hypervodkas for breakfast.


4 oz Ginger Ale

1 oz Captain Morgan

1 oz Jack Daniel’s

½ tsp vanilla extract

Ground nutmeg

Optional: ½ oz Tequila*

Mix all liquid ingredients in a highball** glass filled with ice, stir. Dust the top with nutmeg to garnish.

*For an extra kick, add ½ oz Tequila on top.

**For classier look, cut all measurements in half, chill alcohols in a Boston Mixer, add other liquid ingredients and strain into a chilled, stemmed cocktail glass. Add nutmeg garnish and serve.

An unconventional companion, Capt. Jack Harkness is portrayed by Scottish-American actor John Barrowman. An ex-Time Agent from the 51st Century, he first meets The Doctor’s 9th incarnation by attempting to con him. His con unwittingly causes a supernatural epidemic, which he teams up with The Doctor to help solve, who in turn saves Jack’s life. Their travels come to an end when Jack is murdered by the Daleks on Satellite 5. Fortunately for him, Rose Tyler, with the power of the Time Vortex inside of her, brings him back to life, but with a twist: Jack is now immortal. He returns to Earth to become the leader of Torchwood, a team of covert agents initiated by Queen Victoria and designed to handle extra-terrestrial and supernatural happenings on Earth. Jack is a man of action with a penchant for guns and attractive creatures of all genders and species. His very name is a pick-up line. He’s traveled with the 9th and 10th incarnations of The Doctor, as well as starring in his own spin-off series about his adventures as the head of Torchwood.