1 oz Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Bacardi 151 floater

Half Pint of Coke*


To prepare, pour the Fireball into a shot glass, and layer the 151 on top with a bar spoon. Then ignite shot and drop whilst still flaming** into a half pint of Coke.  Chug the entire drink rapidly.

*Substitute Reed’s Ginger Beer instead of Coke if you like ginger and want more spice in your life. (And we’re not just talking about Alex.)

**BE VERY CAREFUL WHILE HANDLING LIVE FLAME! Drinking is no fun when your house burns down. We recommend STARTING the night with this bomb so you’re in your most careful state of mind. It is also recommended you use a glass shot glass (so it doesn’t melt) and a plastic pint glass (so the glass hitting glass doesn’t chip glass shards into your beverage). Drink responsibly!

Dorothy Gale McShane, better known by her nickname Ace, was portrayed by Sophie Aldred. She is companion to the 7th incarnation of The Doctor after meeting him on Iceworld. With a troubled childhood behind her, 16-year-old Ace is a genius with explosives and often carries around several cans of a substance she created from nitroglycerin and gelignite she calls “Nitro-9.” Affectionately calling him “Professor,” she and The Doctor traveled together for 3 Seasons, until Classic Who went on hiatus in 1989.