Clara’s Peach Lemonade

This cocktail is like Clara – the first thing you notice is how pretty and sweet it is, but it comes back and bites you with a clever edge that refreshes and–if you’re not careful–will knock you off your feet.


3 oz Sweet and Sour

1½ oz Tequila Silver

1 oz triple sec

½ oz peach schnapps

¼ oz grenadine

    Pour all ingredients into a mixer, shake well, serve up or on the rocks in a margarita or old-fashioned glass, garnish with a slice of peach.

Clara Oswin Oswald, at first known as the “Impossible Girl,” is a companion of the 11th incarnation of The Doctor and is portrayed by Jenna Coleman. An ordinary girl, she has a habit of ending up in extraordinary circumstances. The Doctor first meets her in the future as a prisoner in the Dalek Asylum and then again in the past as a barmaid doubling as a governess in Victorian London, before finally being given a true opportunity to travel with him. Intelligent, quick-witted, flirty, she keeps The Doctor on his toes as they travel space and time together. Clara was the last companion to travel with the 11th Doctor and is currently in the TARDIS with the 12th Doctor for his second year.