Man of Action


2¼ oz ruby port

¾ oz sweet vermouth

½ tsp triple sec

Dash of aromatic bitters

Lemon twist

Pour all ingredients into a wine goblet, stir, add lemon twist and serve without garnish. For best results, twist lemon peel while holding it inside glass.

The third incarnation of the Doctor was portrayed by Jon Pertwee. With his frilled shirts, smoking jackets, and love of Venusian Aikido, Three was a man of action and science. Exiled to Earth and unable to use his TARDIS, he spends much time working for UNIT and driving around in a yellow Siva Edwardian roadster nicknamed “Bessie.” Described as a “Dandy” by his first incarnation, he was always well dressed and ready to either continue diplomatic relations or kick ass, making him the James Bond of an alien-filled Earth. Pertwee traveled for 5 Seasons from 1970-1974 – companions included Dr. Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, and Sarah Jane Smith.